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Memory Garden Plaques

 In 2013, Shoreline Christian School was blessed to celebrate our sixtieth anniversary! At that time, we decided it was important to be telling our stories to the next generation of the Shoreline Christian family. We never want to let fade away the stories of the people and events that have shaped us.

With the help of architect Dale Alberda (Watson Groen Christian class of 1980), we are setting up an area where people are remembered and stories told. This area is centrally located in the walkway between our school buildings, leading up to the gym. On the faces of these benches, we will affix engraved plaques commemorating individuals, families, teams, businesses, and events that have helped become who we are.

Plaques are available in three different sizes for $500, $750, or $1000 each. We encourage families, teams, classes, and others to come together to help purchase a plaque that will tell your story. If you are interested in purchasing a plaque or have any questions, please contact Tassie DeMoney.