Kori Tjoelker

PE, Explorations, Geography; Director of Middle School Education

Director of Middle School Education

Started working at SCS in 2003


B.A. and B.Ed. from the University of British Columbia

WA State Professional Teacher Certificate


Before becoming the Director of Middle School Education, Kori coached a variety of sports: from volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics to skating (etc.). She also worked as the Activities Director at Camp Firwood in Bellingham.


Teaching at a private school like SCS has given her freedom to engage the learners in her classroom in a variety of ways, and loves the creativity in that freedom, as well as the feeling that the school is as much a family as it is an organization.


Kori loves teaching students about the world and all of the people and places God created. “We spend a lot of time learning about foreign places and finding out how many similarities we have with God's children all over the world. I also love reading novels with my students. Sharing a book together is such a rewarding experience.”

Email Address:
ktjoelker [at] shorelinechristian.org

Academic Group

Middle School