More than 60 years and going strong

Shoreline Christian School began as an idea in the minds of Christian leaders and parents who valued Christian Education. In May, 1950, a group came together to discuss forming a school. By October of that year they had organized "The Christian Education Society of Seattle," now known as the Shoreline Christian School Society. The Society still governs the school today.

The school opened its doors in the fall of 1952 as Watson Groen Christian School. The school was named in honor of Rev. Watson Groen, who played a vital role in the organizing efforts, yet went to be with the Lord before the school opened. With a steady pace, the school increased enrollment, expanded programs and added facilities.

Today, SCS serves students in Preschool through Senior High with a full program of academics, arts, athletics and service. In 1997, the school was renamed Shoreline Christian School to more accurately reflect its mission and its connection to the Shoreline neighborhood. The Gymnasium was rededicated as Watson Groen Memorial Gymnasium to reflect our gratitude for his role in our history.

School Building and Grounds 1972