About Us

With all the changes over the years to our curriculum, programs, and facilities—as well as the countless students that have attended, graduated, and then returned as alumni to enroll their children—perhaps the most gratifying thing has been to see what has not changed: our school's commitment to the values and mission that makes us who we are.

At SCS, we focus on what matters most to you. Through intimate class size, spiritually-mature and caring teachers, and curriculum that builds character, we nurture each and every child to unleash their God-given talents and help them strive for excellence: academically, spiritually and socially. As a partner with families and churches, we seek to help each student follow their God-given path.

Stated another way, our Mission: Celebrate that all of creation belongs to God, respond by developing students' unique God-given gifts and abilities, and live as dynamic and transforming influences to God's glory.

Our Logo

The new logo introduced at the end of the 2012-2013 school year is a reflection of who we are and what we represent. We wanted to find a symbol that demonstrated vibrancy and dependency. The leaf is a representation of each child as they grow and give life to this community. At the same time, the leaf must be anchored to a greater community if it is going to fulfill its purpose. Each petal of the leaf is an element necessary for the child’s growth - the home, the church, the community, and the school. Binding these elements together is the symbol of the cross. Without the cross, the leaf is without form and loses its capacity to respond to its maker.