Principles focus our plans and decisions

Shoreline Christian has long-held principles that drive our programs. Simply stated, SCS respects these facts in all aspects of its educational efforts:

  • Each child is celebrated as an image bearer of our God with unique talents and abilities that are used in service to Him.
  • Parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children and the school operates in service to that responsibility.
  • Teachers are partners with the parents, deeply committed to Christ, and serving their students through the gifts and talents God has given to them.
  • The church is a body of believers fully gathered in the holy dialogue of worship.
  • Education takes place within a community of shalom. Here is where we model to our students and to each other what it means to live as God intended.
  • Education is practiced as God's calling in encouraging our vocations to be both a task and an invitation to worship.
  • The Bible is the sole inspired word of God and the basis for instruction.
  • Curriculum is a comprehensive plan to explore the richness of creation and to develop the skills needed for the students to positively engage culture.

Excellence occurs when students, parents, churches, and the Christian community band together to encourage the continued growth of their gifts and abilities in service to each other, to our society, and to God.