Passing the Baton: A Message from Tim Visser

Relay races are some of the most exciting events in track. The race is pretty simple with four individuals working together to get their baton around the track as fast as possible. The challenge is that the baton needs to be passed three times, these exchanges can only take place within a 20 meter zone, and the key is to never let the baton slow down during the exchange. Teams can enter the zone in first place and come out in last place because a runner started too early or too late or dropped the baton in the chaos that can exist within an exchange zone. An individual can run a great leg of a relay, but it will all go to pieces if they do not properly manage the baton exchange with their teammate.

On Monday night, I informed the School Board that I would like to hand my leadership baton to the next person and to finish my time as school administrator at the end of this school year.

Student of the Quarter - Spring 2017

Sydney Alberda has been chosen as the Student of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2016-2017 by the faculty of Shoreline Christian School. Sydney is characterized by the faculty as someone “who is such a joy to have in class, respectful and gentle in her participation and interactions around school. Sydney has an attitude of quiet appreciation and gratitude for those who impact her life. She worked extremely hard after her concussion to understand concepts and assimilate material. She is willing to delve outside of her comfort zone and challenges herself to make a difference.” Read more >> about Student of the Quarter - Spring 2017

Unwrapping Gifts at Full Life Center

Posted by Sue Visser, Kindergarten Teacher

The First Graders, Kindergartners, and Second graders are making a difference, and have been doing so for the last ten to twelve years. Several times during the school year, we visit a place called Full Life Center, a daycare facility for the elderly, stroke patients, and physical and developmentally disabled. They contacted our school to see if we would be interested in visiting their facility several times per year.