Wintermission is Coming

By: Adam Haulter

There is often a bit of drudgery implied by the beginning of January at a school. The excitement and regale of the holiday season has come to a sharp close and life must resume anew within our halls. Shoreline Christian is obviously not immune to this malaise. We realize that the dark and cold days of winter are upon us and there is work to do as finals approach and the exams, curriculum and projects we mentally postponed back in mid-December have returned to challenge us.

However, this January, the winter doldrums at SCS are about to be transformed! I am very excited to announce that SCS is creating an experience for the students that will mirror what colleges often refer to as a ‘January term’. It is called ‘WINTERMISSION’. It is literally a time for students to take a break (or intermission) from the normal winter routine upon return to school from Christmas break and learn new topics outside of the classes they’ve been taking all year. Classes on topics like hiking, baking, dancing, screenwriting, music history, volcanoes, marketing, graphic design and more!

SCS faculty will be leading many of these classes with the help of students but this is also where we need your help as our talented and wonderful SCS community, past and present.

So we want to hear from you! If you have expertise in one of the above listed topics, or if you have expertise in a different field with some time to come and share your knowledge, we are inviting you to be a part of Wintermission this year and help our students engage with God’s world beyond the walls of the school.

Additional Details: Wintermission is scheduled for January 2-18, 2019. Classes are taught in 1 hr 50 min blocks daily over the two and a half week period. Several of our students have expressed interest in dance, so we are specifically looking for a dance instructor. If your schedule doesn't allow for you to teach an entire course, would you be willing to be a guest speaker on a specific topic? Please contact Adam Haulter if you'd like to be involved!


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