Top Things High School Families Should Know About Back-to-School!

Welcome to the next segment of our “Top Things for Back-to-School” series; from here on out, the lists will be more focused in topic. This week, it’s top things for high school families to know, so if you are a student or a parent of a student in 9th-12th grade, check out the following bits of information. Junior high students and families may want to tune in as well, as a couple of these items will apply to 7th and 8th graders as well.

1. Textbooks & Book-Buying Day

High school students are responsible for supplying their own textbooks. The school has a bookstore from which you can purchase all textbooks a high school student will need. These are purchased on Book Buying Day on Thursday, August 20th; the bookstore will be open between 9 am and 2 pm. Some families opt to purchase their books elsewhere. Some families pass down books between siblings or borrow them from cousins or friends. If you are planning on getting your textbooks from an alternate source, you should contact the bookstore ASAP if you have not already done so! You will then be provided with a list of books and ISBN numbers. Families purchasing or borrowing their books from other sources should still plan to stop in the office on Book Buying Day to pay class fees, purchase a planner (required for all 9th-12th grade students) and PE uniform (if needed), and receive the student’s locker assignment for the year. If you cannot attend Book-Buying day, please contact the bookstore to make alternate arrangements for payment of fees and picking up your student’s locker, planner, and gym uniform.

2. High School Retreat

This year’s high school retreat is on Tuesday, September 15 at Cedar Springs Camp. In continuing with tradition, the seniors will depart after school on Monday, September 14 and will spend the night at the camp. 9th-11th graders will depart Tuesday morning and join up with the seniors for a day of worship, class activities, bonding with schoolmates. High School Retreat is considered a school day and attendance is required; cost is included in the fees paid on Book Buying Day.

3. Back-to-School Night

Ever wonder what your junior high or high school student’s school day is like? Come out to Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 17. You’ll receive a copy of your student’s schedule and will have the opportunity to move between mini-versions of classes to get a taste of each teacher’s expectations, methods, and learning goals.

4. Student Driving

As high school students are reaching that benchmark of acquiring their driver’s license, we have a few more guidelines and expectations. We require that all students driving to school and parking their car in the lot have a parent-signed “Student Use of Automobile” form turned in to the office with a copy of an up-to-date proof of insurance. From time-to-time driving students may be asked to drive for Service Day projects. This is entirely at the discretion of the parents of both the driving and riding students. Licensed drivers will be required to have a permission form signed by their parents before they can drive to Service Day projects, and non-licensed drivers will be required to have a permission form allowing them to ride with licensed students. The “Student Use of Automobile” form is available from ParentsWeb under “Resource Documents” and the Service Day permission forms will be distributed before each Service Day.

Update: you can download and print the Student Use of Automobile form here.

5. Off-Campus Privilege 

Students in 11th and 12th grade will have opportunity to go off-campus during lunch if granted permission by their parents. Designated off-campus days are Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The Off-Campus Permission form is available on ParentsWeb under “Resouce Documents” and must be signed by a parent and returned to the office before a student will be allowed to leave campus at lunch.

Update: you can download and print the Off-Campus Permission form here.

6. Homeroom Announcements 

Daily announcements for junior high and high school students are curated and presented to students around 9:00 am each weekday. These announcements may include sports schedule information, college recruiter visits, and other important information pertinent to a student’s school life. These “Homeroom Announcements” are online on our website and updated each morning and throughout the school day as updated information is available.

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