A Time for Everything

There is a time for every purpose under heaven

I probably spend more of my time preparing for the 2017 - 18 school year these days than I do keeping this year on track. We are in the middle of re-enrollment for next year, we are looking at improvements we can make to our facilities over the summer, we are considering some program changes that would require curriculum adjustments, we are in the middle of determining staffing needs for next year, and sports schedules are being generated. With so many things in the works, I want to update you on a couple of the changes.

Changing High School Sports Leagues

Since we entered the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), Shoreline Christian has enjoyed a healthy relationship with schools like Friday Harbor, Orcas Island, Concrete, Darrington, and LaConner. Other schools like Lopez Island, Coupeville, Skykomish, and what would later become Cedar Park Christian added to a community of schools dedicated to healthy competition and friendship. The stories of the overnight island trips, students attending each other graduations, last second leaps onto ferries, and four game nights with two overtimes are part of the legend that is our current sports program.

Times are changing. Our region continues to see tremendous population growth that has spawned new schools, larger enrollments in some of our league schools, and an opportunity to evaluate if some trips to some of the current members of our league are really in the best interest of our student athletes. This has been an ongoing discussion for a few years, and something carefully considered by the current coaching staffs of our most directly impacted teams- volleyball and basketball. Our remaining teams already operate under a mixed league system. Also, because the WIAA operates on a cycle we have a window of opportunity to join that will not reopen for two years.

We are pleased to announce we will join the Northwest 1B league comprised of Lummi Nation, St. Paul’s Academy (Bellingham), Grace Academy, Arlington Christian, Tulalip Heritage, Lopez Island, Orcas Island Christian, Cedar Park Christian- Mountlake Terrace, Providence Classical, and Skykomish.  These schools mirror our own enrollment, support team sizes similar to our own, and are active in the WIAA.  We have not lost our relationship with our former league. We will look forward to scheduling them for non-league contests as schedules are developed.

Staff Changes

As we make plans for the 2017-18 school year, we will experience some changes with our teaching and administrative staff:

Fred Van Hal-- After 37 years teaching Life Sciences and Math in grades 7 - 12 at SCS, Mr. Van Hal has announced his retirement effective the end of this school year.

Rhonda Rasor-- With 14 years of service in our office, Rhonda has announced that this will be her last school year.

Karin Clute-- Karin will re-retire following 4 years with our school teaching in our 4th grade.

Aimee Ray-- Aimee and her husband are expecting their first child this summer. For the past 2 years, Aimee served as our Preschool and Childcare Director.

It would be very easy to write pages and pages of how each of these people have blessed our school but this is neither the time nor place. A community thank you is being planned toward the end of the school year for Fred, Rhonda, Karin, and Aimee. For now, please join us in prayers of thanksgiving for what each of these people has meant to our school and for guidance as we begin the search for who the Lord will have join our community.