Student of the Quarter: Todd Alberda

Todd Alberda has been chosen as the Student of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2014- 2015 by the faculty of Shoreline Christian School. The emphasis 4th quarter was on ‘service and/or transforming influence.’ Todd is characterized by the faculty as “Zthe first to arrive and the last one to leave practices, meetings, and chapels. He leads the weekly chapel lunch meetings and helps everyone with reminders on Facebook and personally. His positive attitude sets the tone for what is accomplished before and during chapel. He always takes care of whatever needs to be done with a joyful smile and encourages others to participate the same way. I think he’s not only a servant and leader but a transforming influence in whatever circle he is involved. In class group activities, he’s the one that pairs/groups himself with the one/s left without a group.”

Todd has been involved for four years in soccer, three in baseball, and one each with basketball and golf. He has also been heavily involved in S.W.A.T. as a team leader and worship leader. In addition he has been part of Shiloh for three years and NHS for two. Todd also volunteers many other places at SCS, at church, and in the community.

Todd’s advice to underclassmen is to “respect upperclassmen, they’ve worked hard to get there. Turn homework in on time and join as many groups and teams as you can. There are a lot of cool people to be met at SCS.”

Some of Todd’s favorite school memories are performing with his brother Nate at the SCS talent show, his time with S.W.A.T. which pushed him out of his comfort zone, and the past soccer season which was a blast even though they didn’t win many games.

His favorite Bible passage is John 4:13-14 “because it gives him confidence that if I put everything I have towards pleasing God, then He is all I will ever need.”

Todd’s main career goal is to be able to combine his passion for drawing with his passion for movies and video games within a career of animation. He hopes to attend either the Art Institute of Seattle or DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Todd is the son of Ron and Julie Alberda of Kenmore.

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