Student of the Quarter: Anna Rietkerk

Anna Rietkerk has been chosen as the Student of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2016- 2017 by the faculty of Shoreline Christian School.  Anna is characterized by the faculty as someone “who is focused in class and is showing a lot of interest in her learning. Her attitude is very positive and helpful.  She is involved in her learning, in sports, and in Student Council. In all, she moves around with a smile on her face and with a mission.”
Her advice to underclassmen is to “do your school work and push yourself but do not let your G.P.A. /grades define your self-worth.  Maintain balance and don’t make a little thing big.  Take a minute to truly enjoy your high school experience.  Go to homecoming, dress up for spirit week, attend games…these four years are fleeting.”
Anna has been involved in volleyball, basketball, and student council for four years and NHS for three.   She has had leadership roles as team captain for various sports, student body president and editor of the yearbook. Anna says that she is actively looking for ways to make a positive difference in school through ASB and yearbook.  “I have enjoyed the many laughs and even the tears with my friends....  All those bus rides during sports season were never dull.  I am so appreciative towards the teachers and peers that have been a part of my high school years.”
Anna’s favorite Bible verse is “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7.  “This is especially meaningful since stress about school and the future are at the forefront of my thinking.” 
Anna’s heroes are her mother who is an example of kindness; who finds the good in everyone and loves without restrictions and her grandmother who has fought against misogyny and has been a role model for so many women.
Anna hopes to become an ER or neonatal nurse as part of the Nurse Corps in the USAF.   She would like to travel the world and would love a job that would help do that as well as make a difference in peoples’ lives.
Anna is the daughter of Tom and Denise Rietkerk of Everett.

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