Steadfast Future: Presidential Report 2017-18

A message from Andrea DeYoung, SCS Board President from the 2017 Presidential Report
As we celebrate 65 years of Watson Groen and Shoreline Christian School this year, we began with gratitude. Acknowledging the staff, students and families who have come before us and made this place what it is today. But our Gala in September was only a pause to catch our breath before turning toward the next 65 years. In the words of Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backwards, but lived forwards.”
The school is debt free, we have resources to help build our future, and we are positioned in a city that is expected to double in size over the next ten years. Our school was built to be a community of learners and parents of learners. While we have done well with our student learners, we recognize the challenge of connecting an ever growing and diverse ecosystem. To that end, the School Board has a new, streamlined structure so that it can focus on connecting parents with each other and the school. Finally, we are blessed with a staff willing to take on the challenge of educating a generation that has never known a world without the Internet and social media, forced to discern Truth within the deluge of information that comes at them like water through a fire hose.
We have already begun work on a number of projects this year that will have a lasting impact for years to come:
Technology:  The addition of Rachel Burke to our staff of specialists, focusing on technology integration. She will help our staff leverage technology in their classrooms, and also oversee the eventual remodeling of our computer lab into an interactive technology space.
High School Culture:  We have engaged pastor and church planter Jim Fox to lead an in-depth study of our high school culture and community, how do we build connections in a digital age? We have 
received Jim’s initial report, and are processing it’s contents and his recommendations now.
Weight Room:  There are plans for a new weight room facility attached to our playfield (currently where the sand pit is located). It will be larger than the current space, and feature garage doors that open onto the playfield - think crossfit gym.
Music Classroom Expansion:  The space above the gym which currently houses the weight room will be incorporated into a remodel of our music room thanks to a generous estate donation.
Storage:  The space next to the gym which used to house two storage containers will be filled with a new storage building to house all the PE/Athletic equipment outside the gym floor plan.
Administrator:  After 30 years of the current administration, the school board and administrative team have begun processing what the future administration of the school will look like as Tim steps out of this role at the end of the school year.
At the 65th Anniversary Gala, junior Eesaia Filbrun reminded us “the future of this community belongs not just to you and me, but also to all of the students and faculty yet to come.” As we move into the next 65 years of Shoreline Christian, we remember that we are all--past, present and future-- linked together in this community. 
So how will you make a difference at SCS? Whether you are a regular giver, or a first time donor, in the midst of celebrating 65 years—and 65 more!—we continue to need your support this year. Not because our school is struggling, not because we have debts to pay, but because God is good and steadfast and calls us to be part of His story through this community.
Please click here to view the full 2017 Presidential Report

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