A Shoreline Christian Kind of Day

I knew over a month ago that this was going to be a long Saturday. The day started with a Board meeting focused on the 2015-16 school year’s budget, the afternoon would be filled with supervising three basketball games, and the evening featured a party for a member of my school family. It was going to be a long, Shoreline Christian kind of day.

The Board meeting started at 9am with eighteen staff and parents in the library. The budget presentation is something I have memorized. I’ve reviewed it far too often in the wee hours of the morning, seemingly pasted to the ceiling of my bedroom; it was time to get others’ feedback. After Heidi completed a careful review of the line items and rationale behind proposed changes, Tom Rietkerk led a challenging, honest, and transparent discussion about what would God have for our school.

I walked away from the meeting with a sense of awe. I was in the presence of a group of people willing to give up a Saturday morning to talk about our school. It was a discussion about how God has blessed us, how He is challenging us, and how we can best serve the people we are called to represent. I was amazed to be able to walk away from a budget meeting feeling like I had an opportunity to worship. We are not done with this budget, so we welcome your prayers and your input on Monday, February 16.

With that meeting done, I went up to the gym for the basketball games. Supervising the gym means I have the pleasure of taking care of the referees, and I get to know them after a few visits. Our changing room for the referees is pretty small and our teams can make a referee work pretty hard in dealing with turnovers and fouls, but they enjoy coming to our school. Part of it is they know that Nancy, “The Concessions Lady,” will reward their efforts with a hotdog or pizza after the game. The other is that they appreciate our fans and players. A referee who was in between games showed up just to watch our kids play and enjoy the atmosphere. He noted the kids play hard, the fans respect the referees and opponents, and he had come to recharge his batteries before he refereed at another school. Basketball at our school was acting as a “redeeming and transforming influence for our Lord.” (From our Mission Statement)

As soon as the gym was cleaned, I went home to pick up Sue, and then we were off to the party. I was pleased to see so many people there, especially an alum of our school. That evening Sue and I had fun shedding our teacher and administrator roles in favor of enjoying beach volleyball with friends. I have so much appreciation for the families and the kids we played with for over an hour. While cleaning up and getting rid of the sand on my feet, the alum came over to tell me a story. It was great to reconnect. I was completely in awe of the work he is doing in the lives of high school kids wrestling with significant medical issues. There is no way I could do what he is doing. All I could do at the end of the conversation was give him a hug and tell him how proud I am of him.

Just before I fell asleep, I thanked God for allowing me to have a Shoreline Christian kind of day.