Presidential Recap 2017: School's Out!

Making a Difference throughout the Year

A message from Andrea DeYoung, incoming SCS Board President

This time last year was a turning point for our school. We, the SCS Board, brought to Society the opportunity to sell the property to the north of the school, and invited you to dream with us about what we could do with these funds. As we look forward to celebrating 65 years of Watson Groen and Shoreline Christian School this fall, what a blessing it is to have  a foundation laid that will take us into the next 65 years! God is faithful to this school and we see evidence of this year after year.

This year, the school board has also been reading through  “You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit”, the third book in James K.A. Smith’s trilogy that began with “Desiring the Kingdom”. This book has helped us  think through the liturgies and habits that make this place what it is. How do the things we do as a community, big and small, routine and spectacular, make us who we are? How can we emphasize and encourage those liturgies and habits that make our school so special?  

This year we made several intentional changes to our liturgies:

  1. We changed how we look at tuition assistance to make sure we are properly balancing community, responsibility and generosity.
  2. We reduced the size of the School Board from 12 to 6 to make sure we are sufficiently agile in our decision making, and to free up leaders in our community to invest in other ways.
  3. We are completely changing our approach to grades 6-8 with the establishment of a middle school program starting Fall 2017. Rather than a “high-school lite” approach, we are tailoring our program and allocation of resources specifically to the needs of those grades.
  4. A new intercom, phone, and bell systems make our school safer and improves communication between the office and classrooms.
  5. Joined a new sports league with schools more reflective of our size and competitiveness. 
  6. Developed relationships at the class parent level.
  7. We continue to grow our parent/ecosystem involvement in our committees and creating more term-limited committee positions and ad-hoc, project based committees rather than creating committees with open-ended mandates. 

We will also be saying goodbye to Fred Van Hal, Rhonda Rasor, Karin Clute, and Aimee Ray. Fred has served WG/SCS for 37 years teaching and mentoring so many students. After 14 years, Rhonda will hang up the phone and send her last email. Karin retired from teaching in public schools, then joined us for another four years. She’s decided to close her grade book for good and spend time traveling.  After nurturing our preschoolers for two years, Aimee will spend time nurturing her new baby at home. We are thankful for their love and service for so many years. 

This year, our fundraising goal is $350,000. With several successful fundraising events and the generosity of our community we have raised $301,000! While we are celebrating this accomplishment, we’d like to reach our goal by September 1. Now is the time to make a difference! Partner with us financially as we continue to develop kingdom citizens. 

We’ve included other items of interest in this recap, please take a minute and celebrate God’s faithfulness to Shoreline Christian School for yet another great year.

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