Planning for the Future

I wanted to share with you about an exciting project developing in our community. In April, the School Board enlisted the services of a consulting firm, Altruist, to help develop a plan forward in this time of change and transition. Altruist was recommended by one of our own parents. Our main partner at Altruist is Donald Summers. They specialize in taking the enterprise principles of corporate America and tailoring them to non-profits. The goal of the partnership with Altruist is to stay true to our core values and mission statement while seeking to improve the way we do business.

The process with Altruist began with a performance audit in March. This deep dive business review looked at four key areas: our people, our plans, our program and our finances. Data was collected through online surveys and phone interviews with staff. Donald’s research led to a report card - we scored about 40% - which means LOTS of room for growth!

From this report we are working with Donald to create a business plan. This is exciting work! As a parent at our school, I encourage you to come hear Donald present at the Society Meeting Monday, May 21 at 7:30PM. He’ll touch on the process and the high level goals of the plan, which include growing enrollment, engaging community, teaching excellence, staff retention and the financial health of our school.

This is the first step in your engagement with the plan. Unless we all dive in, this plan will just remain a pile of papers. Right now the staff and the school board are reviewing the draft plan. Once their edits are incorporated, it will be your turn. We want as many parents as possible engaging with this plan. If you have any questions, or cannot make it to the Society meeting, the Board and the Admin Team would be happy and eager to talk more with you about this.

Please join us as we step into the next 65 years of our school’s history.

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