Photo Blog: Jog-a-thon

On Friday, May 16, elementary students ran the annual Jog-a-thon to earn money for their school! All together, students in kindergarten through sixth grade ran 1,995 laps--that's almost 250 miles! The most laps run by one student in the 45-minute time frame was 44 laps, run by 6th grader Caleb Monillas. The students earned almost $18,000 in pledges, with fifth grade coming in on top at over $4,000! 

Enjoy these photos, and check out our facebook page in the next few days to see more!

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The kindergarten class was excited for their first jog-a-thon!

Pre-jogathon stretching






High school students lead the kids in stretching before they begin running.





The high school students also led off the jog-a-thon by setting a sustainable pace for the first couple of laps. 




After the running was over, it was time for some fun! There was fruit to snack on, some high school students did face painting, and kids could be on the bouncy slide!




We wrapped up the day with lunch all together on the playfield. What a great day! A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the day a success, and to everyone who supported us in so many other ways!


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