Passing the Baton: A Message from Tim Visser

Relay races are some of the most exciting events in track. The race is pretty simple with four individuals working together to get their baton around the track as fast as possible. The challenge is that the baton needs to be passed three times, these exchanges can only take place within a 20 meter zone, and the key is to never let the baton slow down during the exchange. Teams can enter the zone in first place and come out in last place because a runner started too early or too late or dropped the baton in the chaos that can exist within an exchange zone. An individual can run a great leg of a relay, but it will all go to pieces if they do not properly manage the baton exchange with their teammate.

On Monday night, I informed the School Board that I would like to hand my leadership baton to the next person and to finish my time as school administrator at the end of this school year. The school is well positioned to make an exchange and that is very important to me in making this decision. We have hit our budget and enrollment goals, we are becoming clearer on our messaging and branding, we have a great staff, we have resources to invest in growing our mission and vision, and the School Board membership is going to be stable for the next couple of years. Making the announcement at this time in the school year gives the School Board and staff time to plan, budget, reflect, and explore the opportunities in front of them.

Since 1988, Watson Groen/ Shoreline Christian has been a blessing to me and to my family. God has taught me so much because of the students, teachers, families, and friends that have crossed my path. You have cared for my family through the challenges, celebrated with us in the good times, and have helped Sue and me to raise our daughters in an environment of Shalom- living as God intended. At this time, we have no idea of what God has in store for us next. This decision is about me as the school administrator, Sue will make her own decision about when the time is right for her to step down. We covet your prayers as we seek His will.

Being steadfast means having the ability to embrace change. We enter the relay exchange zone strong and focused. I challenge you to work together to make sure the baton of vision and purpose we raced with over the last 30 years together never slows down and provides the next generation the opportunity to carry on what God has brought us together to do:

Shoreline Christian School works in partnership with Christian families and their church to challenge students in preschool through high school:

  • To celebrate that all of creation belongs to God
  • To respond to God by developing their unique gifts and abilities
  • To live as dynamic and transforming influences for the glory of God

A response from the School Board President, Andrea DeYoung:

The School Board received this news from Tim Visser on Monday night at our monthly board meeting. Our desire is to support and honor his wishes as he “passes the baton” of  leadership at the end of the school year. As a school community, we have been blessed to be under such steadfast, strong and purposeful leadership for the last 30 years. We are excited for Tim as he thinks about what is next.

Over the coming months the School Board will work with Tim, staff and our community to make plans for this transition. We are grateful Tim is leaving the school in a place of health and has given us this time to work together to determine what’s next. So let us celebrate this final year together as we all dream big!

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