The Old Chili Recipe

Post by: Verna Alberda, SCS childcare director and reading specialist, alumni parent, and grandparent of current students

The annual Teacher/Staff Shoreline Christian Chili Feed had its beginning in the late 60s or early 70s. At that time, the school was named Watson Groen Christian School and was known to have a very active Mothers’ Club. This large group of women connected to the school community made it their mission to find ways to raise money for the cause of Christian Education.

Throughout the year a great deal of time was spent preparing for the Fall Bazaar which was held in the Christian Reformed Church adjacent to the school. This space is now occupied by the Preschool and Childcare programs. Most of the items were handmade and included ceramics, quilts, knitted, crocheted, macramé items, wooden toys, and many Christmas gifts. The Bazaar was a popular event in the community.

In addition to the beautiful collection of homemade items, chili, hot dogs, and desserts were available for those who came to shop and socialize. As the days of the Bazaars dwindled the chili recipe was handed over to me with the suggestion that the teachers at the school might be interested in providing a yearly Chili Feed. The Preschool Teachers took up the challenge for the next 30 years or more and last year the recipe was handed to a new committee of teachers. All teachers sign up to help in the fun of hosting our SCS community as well as the basketball teams and families that attend the game of the night.

The Shoreline Christian Teachers and Staff invite the community to this “traditional” Chili Feed on Friday, January 16. It will be held in the same church basement from 5:00-7:00 pm. The “recipe” may have been revised a bit but the chili is just as delicious as 40 years ago.