New Head of School Announcement and Welcome

By: Andrea DeYoung and Michael C. Smith

From Andrea:
It is with great excitement that I share with you the news that, after an 8-month search, the SCS School Board has hired a new Head of School.  His name is Michael C. Smith EdD, he is currently an Associate Professor of Media Production at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

We connected with Michael as a result of a referral from one of our alumni who was also one of his students at Azusa Pacific. This turned out to be a perfect pairing, yet neither us nor Michael would have thought to connect the dots on our own.   Getting to know Michael has been a joy for the Board, search team and the Admin Team. Some of the words used by the teachers and the interview team to describe him are centered, calm, thoughtful, results oriented, highly capable and confident. We are just delighted that once again God has provided for our community, just as He has for the past 65 years.

He will bring a unique perspective to this role and a relational approach that we are really excited to have.  He is known to be a strong mentor and coach, and understands how to measure success. His skills as a storyteller will help us communicate our new business plan.  His understanding of our school and community in just a short time is very impressive, and our world views on Christian formation and education are aligned. While running a school is going to be a departure from his 27 years in leadership and teaching in higher education and film production, we are sitting at the edge of our seats excited for the curtains to open on the first episode of “SCS: The Movie” (idea courtesy of Joel Bratt)!

We are very excited for Michael and his wife Lisa to join our community and look forward to an introduction at our annual Back to School Picnic this Fall.  He will be on campus in early July so if you come by please introduce yourself to him. Also if you know any connections to the local community colleges his wife is looking for work. Lisa has experience and interest in workforce development, project management, and teaching English, and would appreciate any leads you can share.  Last they will be looking for rental housing temporarily or permanently so please let me know if you have any leads or ideas and I can pass it along to them.

From Michael:

I’m honored and excited to join the SCS community as Head of School. This process was filled with delightful surprises in just how much we share in our perspectives on faith, learning, vision, and leadership. I’m grateful to all those who contributed to the search process. I have never experienced such a warm welcome and encouragement as a candidate. Thank you!

As we move forward in this time of transition, Lisa and I look forward to getting to know the SCS community more broadly and deeply. SCS, like our larger world, is facing many challenges from the rapid state of change in our society. I feel called to SCS specifically to meet these challenges as opportunities – opportunities for Christian education not only to adapt to change, but to provide solutions that unite heart, mind, and spirit in service to God’s redemptive plan in our community. It is clear to me that the kingdom of God is within and among SCS, and that is a source of steadfast strength.

Lisa and I will be back and forth to the Seattle area in the next couple months as Lisa looks for a job and we seek a place to live. We welcome your leads and support in that process. Andrea asked for a photo of something we do outside of work, so I sent photos from one of our travel adventures. We love travel, and we’ll be wearing our “flight suits” often in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you all in person soon.


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