Math Olympiad Results

829 students from all over Shoreline School District competed in the annual Math Olympiad event on Saturday, March 8 at Shoreline Community College.  Shoreline Christian sent 20 terrific students, along with their coaches, to participate.

4th grade: Coaches Young Kim and Isaac Ensz 
Igor Shabalov 
Ava DeKoekkoek
Lola Haulter

5th grade: Coach Marty Bonner
Geneva Boersema
Dustin Wagner
Conner Ensz
Ione Fox
Elijah Selmon
Kate Astion
Noelle Alberda
Skye Bonner

6th grade: Coach Jeff Boersema
Caleb Monillas
Abiyu Ghezahegn
Elizabeth Guion
Janie Colver

7th grade Coach Steve Ruiter
Sydney Schultz
David Ruiter
Chris Owen
Peter Boersema

Individual medal winners:
3rd place - 5th grade - Geneva Boersema
4th place - 7th grade - David Ruiter

Team medal winners:
3rd place - 7th grade team - David Ruiter, Peter Boersema, Chris Owen, Sydney Schultz
4th place - 5th grade team - Dustin Wagner, Geneva Boersema, Connor Ensz, Ione Fox

Please congratulate everyone who participated! They did an awesome job.