Junior High Game & Movie Night!

~Post by Julie Alberda, SCS parent

After the parent/board forum on bringing in and maintaining jr high/high school students, one of the results of the evening was the development of parent-sponsored social evenings for the junior high. Judy Guion and Julie Alberda volunteered to help spearhead the events. Here is a brief summary of our first social evening.....

Want to have fun? Then invite the whole Junior High from SCS to a social night! Both the kids and the parents chaperoning had a blast. We started with some pizza, salad, and soda. Amazingly, we had some pizza left over! I don't think that happens with these kids very often!

Next we threw in some Minute to Win It games, like bounce the ping pong ball onto the peanut butter bread, use a fettucine noodle in your mouth to get the rigatoni noodle from the table into the cup, hike toilet paper rolls through your legs into the hula hoop, etc. What a blast! Check out the photos of some of the kids in action. The room was filled with laughter and noise the whole time!

After a bunch of the Minute to Win It games, we settled down with large stuffed animals and pillows to watch Back to the Future while munching on some fresh popped popcorn. Did you know that at the beginning of the movie, the mall is called Twin Pines Mall and then at the end of the movie it is called the Lone Pine Mall? When Michael J Fox went into the past, he hit one of the pine trees at the farmer's house before he crashed into the barn. Just a fun movie fact. Oh, and next year is the year that he goes into the future. You might want to watch out for those hover-skateboards.

After the movie was over and the kids were done cleaning up the popcorn that some of them had thrown, we finished the night off with some Sculptorades. Wow, you should have seen how competitive these teams were. A person from each team came up to find out what the new word was and then the craziness began. The kids had to form the word out of clay and not talk so that their teammates could guess what the word was. Some were hard and some were easy. Probably the hardest was "Mrs. Tjoelker". The winners were treated to a bowl of candy and the runners up each got to choose one candy.

Then the parents showed up. They had to wait a bit until the kids were done. Seems that the junior high kids don't want to quit when they're having fun. After 5 hours, most of them were still going strong ... a bit like the Energizer Bunny!

More events are being planned. If you would like to help plan an event or have a great idea for the future, please let Judy or Julie know.

Special thanks to Judy Guion who got the ball rolling for planning the socials and to Brenden McElroy for the great photos.

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