Glory Days

Some people count their high school experiences as their “glory days”: full of potential, hope, enthusiasm; lacking in responsibilities like student loans, rent, car payments. Maybe he was captain of his football team or she was a cheerleader. Perhaps she was the star of the drama department or he was class valedictorian. Maybe he had a great group of friends who did everything together. Maybe she had a favorite teacher who inspired her to try a new path that changed her life.

If you would permit me a moment of honest vulnerability, I am not one of those people. I was a late bloomer, and high school was a period of time I just wanted to make it through. I got good grades, but wasn’t at the top of my class. I played sports, but spent most of my time on the bench. I had friends, but never felt particularly close to them. When others were sad to graduate and leave high school friends and memories, I was ready to move on and start over.

Once I graduated, I never anticipated coming back. But I returned occasionally to watch my little sister become the athlete, scholar, musician, and friend that I had always longed to be. And slowly, I reconnected back into the SCS community. Slowly I remembered what it felt like to have this extra little piece of “home”--this place where so many teachers and staff members invested their own lives into me and my classmates. Then one evening, we were leaving the gym after my little sister’s “Senior Night” basketball game--her last sports event as an SCS athlete--and I found it was hard to leave.

High school at Shoreline Christian was not my “glory days”--not days of sheer happiness and contentment. But I’m only now realizing how much support I received. This community helped me, prayed for me, watched over me as I grew up, then let me go as I happily skipped off to college in search of a new “me.” And when I returned, it eagerly welcomed me back.

It’s been good to come back home; to see familiar faces and meet new members of this community. Homecoming is this Friday. I’m hoping the gym will be full of alumni and their families, no matter how long it’s been since you were last here. Whether you count Watson Groen/Shoreline Christian in your “glory days” or not, we’re eager to welcome you back, to hear your heartaches and happiness. Come join us.