Did You Know?

I have kind of a funny story for you. Yesterday, a service representative came to switch out our postage meter machine in the office. He replaced it with the same model, but now it’s just a little bit fresher and cleaner. As the rep was showing us a faster way to print international postage, he flipped up a little plastic flap to reveal a keyboard. I gasped. After almost two years of working at the office, I still did not know that machine had a keyboard! Our rep laughed and then showed me another trick to unjam the machine should an envelope get stuck. Good thing I enjoy learning new things!

After thinking about it, it did strike me: in 15 years at Shoreline Christian School--13 as a student, and 2 as a staff member--I am still often learning new things about this place. And then I started to wonder about how many families, students, and staff members are still learning new things about this place. Maybe it’s little things we update as time goes by that you’ve missed or we forgot to communicate (sorry about that), or maybe your family is still new and learning this place. For today, there are a few things I wanted to draw your attention to:

  1. We’re adding more features to ParentsWeb to make it a more useful resource for you. Did you know that you can update your family’s information from ParentsWeb? Update your address, email address, or phone number. Add an emergency contact. Did your child develop an allergy to something? You can update that too. A new feature we added just this week is that you can now view your service hours, and submit additional hours. I would encourage you to log on to ParentsWeb sometime and just take a few minutes exploring the site. If you have questions about anything in particular, let me know.
  2. When the power went out during that windstorm a couple of weeks ago, were you wondering if we were going to have school on Monday? Maybe you thought, without TV to watch news broadcasts, how could I know? Or maybe you want updates if there is some sort of emergency--water main break, earthquake, lockdown. FlashAlert.net is an emergency alert system designed for schools and private organizations. You can subscribe to our school’s page and get alerts sent to your email and notifications sent through a smartphone app. Go to our school’s page here and create an account by entering your email address in the box and clicking “Subscribe.” Then follow the instructions to set up multiple email addresses, link a smartphone app, and more.
  3. Ever wonder where you can get Shoreline Christian/Chargers gear? We updated our online team store this summer, and we’ll be adding even more items soon.
  4. If you don’t know who you’re supposed to email about specific questions, you’re not alone. We actually have departmental emails set up so that your email will get to the right spot. Have a question about tuition and billing? Email accounting@shorelinechristian.org. Need to report attendance for your student? That goes to attendance@shorelinechristian.org. Want to place an “ad” in our Classifieds that will be linked to the Charger News? We have an email for that too: chargernews@shorelinechristian.org. Have a general email and you don’t know the best person to ask? Send it through to office@shorelinechristian.org. We also have a page on our website devoted to our faculty and staff. If you are looking for the email address of a particular teacher or staff member, visit our Staff & Faculty page and click on an image to be taken to that person's mini-bio, which also includes their email address.

I hope this helped you learn something new about Shoreline Christian School. I’ll try to keep you posted on these things throughout the year. Or, if there’s something you don’t know, send me an email and I may be able to include it in a future post.