Athletics Integrity Award

Last night was our annual high school honors night. We take the time at the end of every year to recognize the hard work of our students in a variety of areas ranging from athletics to academics to student leadership. Our Athletics Director Paul Hopkins​ made a special announcement last night in presenting our student athelete awards. Here is what Mr Hopkins read:

To be an athlete at Shoreline Christian School means many things. It means you are part of a team whose greater goal is more important than yourself. Our greatest goal as a school community is to Glorify our God in everything we do. This is both our blessing and our calling. We strive to instill this goal in all of our athletes so that it can be demonstrated in their athletics, academics, attitudes and character development.

Over the past 14 years we have had the privilege of having a Varsity Track coach who has not only brought great success out the athletes he has coached and to the track program, but also through his example and Christ-Like leadership has been a part of many athletes growing character. With the “right coach” leading a team, athletics offers the opportunity to learn integrity, humility, worship, discipline, accountability, leadership and respect. They learn to strive for excellence on their teams, in the classrooms, and in their communities.

On behalf of the Athletic Department and the SCS community, I would like to say thank you to Tim Visser for being that “right coach”!

Mr.Visser, please accept this Athletics Integrity Award as our way of recognizing all that you have done to benefit the athletic programs and all the athletes that have been blessed by their Track coach.

As an additional way of honoring your contribution to this community, we would like to rename the annual athletics award. From this day forward, 1 male and 1 female senior athlete will be selected to receive the “Tim Visser Athletics Integrity Award”.

This will go to the athletes whose cumulative high school career has demonstrated an excellent effort to glorify God in athletics, academics, attitude, character development, and community.

Thanks again Mr. Visser!

And now for this years recipients of the “Tim Visser Athletics Integrity Award”.

For the boys, please help honor - Nate Monillas.

For the girls, please help me honor - Tallie Brown.

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