6th-8th Grade Athletics

Middle school students (grades 6-8) have the opportunity to participate in athletics. From these early years through high school, the heart of the SCS Athletics Program is opportunity. We believe it matters for as many students as is reasonably possible to gain experience in athletics as a means to develop greater skills and build community. SCS emphasizes positive attitude, self-discipline, self-motivation, cooperation and teamwork. It’s important in sports and in life to win and lose graciously. Ultimately, the focus of athletics at Shoreline Christian School is on the developing of young people, not on win-loss records.

The Shoreline Christian 6th-8th grade sports teams participate in the Cross-Town Middle School League with other local private and Christian schools. In the fall, students may participate in boys' soccer or girls' volleyball. Winter offers boys' and girls' basketball teams, and spring begins the track and field season. This year, eighth grade boys have been invited to join the high school baseball team.