Host Families

Being a host family for an international student is a great opportunity to open doors for cross-cultural expressions of God's love. Opening your home to a student from another country offers countless learning experiences for your family and the student you may host. If you think you may be interested in hosting an international student while they attend Shoreline Christian, please review the requirements below.

  • A host family must sign the Shoreline Christian School statement of faith and agree to regular attendance with the student at a Christian church.
  • English must be spoken in the host family's home.
  • An interview with the student and host family is required prior to the student's admission.
  • SEVIS requires that all changes (address, phone numbers, or student status) must be submitted to our registrar within 72 hours of the change. Host family changes must be preapproved by the school and include an interview with the student and prospective host family.

Host families have the opportunity to envelop an international student in their regular family life. This may include responsibilities such as:

  • Provide a room and board as well as transportation to and from school and any activities your student is involved in, such as sports, music and drama.
  • Include your student in family activities--church, going out to eat, movies, sporting events--as well as daily activities--eating dinner together, watching TV, and family discussions.
  • Be aware of how your student is doing in school, oversee homework, especially for the first few months to be sure they are on track with their assignments and not becoming overwhelmed.
  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences with your student.
  • Establish household rules for your student. They will be part of your family and will be expected abide by your rules -- bedtime, curfew, individual responsibilities.
  • Keep in contact with your student's parents. This may be challenging, if there is a language barrier, but it is important to keep in touch. A short, simple email every few months is often all that is needed and is much appreciated by the parents.
  • Most of all, be a parent to your student. If your son or daughter was living in another country for the school year, what would you want from those parents for your child? Encourage, guide, support, direct your student. Keep the lines of communication open. They are part of your family. They will benefit greatly from sharing in your family's daily experiences and you will benefit from having them in your home as well.

If you're thinking that these are things you already do with your own family, you could host an international student! Contact the admissions office if you are interested in future host family opportunities.