Preschool Philosophy

Each child is specially created by God. We strive to provide a safe environment so that each child can learn about God’s creation, uncover the gifts God has given each child, and become a Kingdom citizen.

Children have an innate curiosity to understand who they are as individuals, and their roles in their family and cultural community.

Children develop and learn best through a variety of self-directed and teacher-directed activities that focus on the self, friends, family, community, and the physical world.

Young children learn and communicate best through play and hands-on interaction with God’s creation, both with others and by themselves. Before a child can move successfully to the symbolic and abstract levels of thinking, she must have mastered the concrete.

Teachers engage with the children to promote learning through language, active play and exploration. Teachers work in partnership with parents and families to discover how each child can become their best person.

Through play, self-chosen activities, and teacher directed learning, each child is able to experience the value of their work, grow as a child of God, and understand his value as a Kingdom citizen.

Our goal is to foster an attitude of joy and love of learning by providing an environment rich in hands-on experiences in art, literature, music, science and math so that each child is able to successfully interact with the materials and learn to play co-operatively with others.