Early Achievers

Race to the Top

In 2011, our state was one of nine US states to win a "Race to the Top" grant. The centerpiece of this grant is the implementation of the Early Achievers program in childcare centers throughout the state. In May 2013, Shoreline Christian Preschool and Childcare became one such center implementing this voluntary program.

In the year before committing to the program, Barb Reinsma and Verna Alberda of our preschool and childcare diligently researched and reviewed the process. In the time since joining the program, they've spent hours filing data and information about our preschool and childcare in the state database and took various courses on such subjects as Environmental Rating Scale and Classroom Assessment Scoring System, Washington State Core Competencies, cultural competence, and others. Our program was assigned a coach and began going through various self-assessments including developing and evaluating the curriculum standards.

After going through peer-reflective groups, data collection and evidence recording, onsite visits by community liasons from UW, and rater visits, our program was granted Level 3 status, which reflects the high level of quality care we offer our students. We continue to meet with our Early Achievers coach who provides resources and support to continually improve our program.

Why Early Achievers?

The preschool and childcare faculty, like the rest of the Shoreline Christian staff and faculty, know that God's image is reflected in every child that walks through our doors. Our commitment to providing quality Christian education does not rest or rely on "good enough." Just as we encourage our children to strive for their best, we strive to do our best in educating them. By participating in the Early Achievers program, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our strengths and have definied benchmarks and incentives for improvement. The program and its rating system allow us to better inform parents of the quality of education their children are receiving even in their earliest schooling years.