Middle School

Leadership & Service

Chapel services offer an opportunity for spiritual meditation, refreshment and challenge. It is a time for each of us to realize anew the wonder and saving love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Chapel is held weekly and conducted by students, faculty members, or special guests. The Chapel Committee, composed of students and faculty, arranges each chapel.

Student Council takes the initiative for middle school parties and special events as well as promotes unity and spirit among the junior high students Members include the chairperson (an 8th grade student elected in the fall by all junior high students), and two representatives from each class, elected by their classmates.

Service Projects take place three times per school year. On those days we spend the whole day serving others instead of normal classes. In the past we have worked with organizations such as Food Lifeline and Northwest Harvest to sort and prepare food for local food banks. We have also spend a day working on a farm, helping the farmer weed, harvest, and prune his crops. We often serve younger students around school by helping elementary students with projects and reading.