Middle School


Explorations is a special three-week program specifically designed to enable middle school students to explore a wide range of topics such as film, drama, dance, speech, scriptwriting, journalism, research, computer skills, Spanish, electronics, cooking, careers, fitness, logic and many more. Topics vary each year and are designed to give students a brief but in-depth picture of some topic not otherwise covered by our curriculum. 

Field Trips enrich learning from class, project and lab activities. For example, middle school students visit the Seattle Sewage Treatment Plant for science class. We often travel to Benaroya Hall to participate in the National Geographic Live Speakers Series with the geography class. Some years we get to go see a play or performance to complement our literature and language arts classes. We try to let students explore ice skating, bowling, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming as an extension of their PE curriculum.

Spring Retreat is an annual event when the entire middle school ventures to Camp Firwood for a day of games, watersports, and enjoying the outdoors with faculty and parents. This day is meant to give students a day to enjoy each others' company and let loose in the season of the year typically characterized by exam study and end-of-the-year preparations.