High School

Academic Subjects

Bible/Religious Studies courses encourage knowledge of the Bible, developing Biblically sound life skills as well as electives designed to practice critical thinking through a Biblical foundation and provide hands-on service opportunities.

English courses teach students excellence in grammar, composition and speech as well as knowledge of American, British and World literature. AP English Language and Composition is offered for advanced placement and/or college credit.

Mathematics courses provide competency in algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus. AP Calculus is offered for advanced placement and/or college credit.

Occupation Education provides opportunities to learn practical skills, such as using computers, consumer education, and yearbook.

Physical Education helps students embrace physical fitness throughout their lives through active participation in class activities that emphasize sportsmanship, determination, skills improvement and fun.

Science courses celebrate creation through biology, anatomy, electronics, chemistry, and physics. There are plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning in our well-equipped lab and getting out into the world. For example, the Advanced Biology class takes a snorkeling trip in Puget Sound and a three-day trip to the Olympic Peninsula.

Social Science courses offer insights into history, culture and government in our local region, the US, Western Civilization and the World. Electives include exploration of world issues, psychology and sociology.

Spanish is offered to juniors and seniors to develop skills in written and spoken Spanish as well as cultural understanding.