Bible education incorporates Bible memory along with the Christian Schools International Bible curriculum in each grade level, which focuses on the story of God and His people presented chronologically to emphasize the relationship between individual stories and the overall theme of the Bible. Students get involved by retelling the story in a variety of ways, such as drama, songs and pictures, so they can remember the stories and share them with others.

Mathematics emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills using manipulatives, computers, calculators, visual and symbolic representations. The elementary curriculum continuously advances competency in computation, equations, measurement, fractions, time, money, spatial concepts, and geometry. Small-group tutoring helps students with special needs in math.

Music is another wonderful opportunity to praise our Creator. All students receive two periods of music instruction per week with a music specialist. Instrumental instruction and participation in Cadet Band is an option for students in grades five and six. Performance opportunities include chapel and concert presentations.

Physical Education gives students a consistent opportunity for students to care for their bodies and use their motor skills to interact with others in wholesome activities. Our PE specialist gears classes to physical development and lifelong skills.

Reading & Language Arts studies develop necessary communication skills including reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing, spelling and handwriting. Students learn through a variety of means: cross-grade dictation and story composition, book making, and literature. Our SPRINT reading program gives extra help to students who need to strengthen reading and comprehension skills.

Science explores how God has spoken in His creation. Science gives students the opportunity to see, study, and wonder as they view plants, sea life, or cells, through classroom programs, projects and outdoor educational experiences.

Social Studies encourage students to be aware of God’s influence in the world around them. Students engage through our regular social studies curriculum and by reviewing current events, participating in the National Geography Bee, and completing a daily quiz program, Geography Review of Our World (GROW).

Visual Arts are explored through weekly classes with an art specialist to help students learn to see God’s creation in a whole new way. Various media such as drawing, painting, sculpture and photography are part of the adventure as the students explore the visual frontier.