Media Resources, including the library and computer lab, helps students learn to use various media, including print resources and audio, video and computer technologies, for research and study. Emphasis is placed on students learning to be discerning, to glorify God in their use of these resources, and to recognize the influence they have in our culture.

Field Trips are integral to the program to enrich classroom learning and each grade takes several field trips each year. For example, Kindergarten visits Northwest Hospital and Petco; Third Grade visits the Arboretum and Shoreline Historical Museum; and Sixth Grade visits the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery and The Seattle Times. Parents are welcome as chaperones on most trips.

Academic Events and Competitions give students opportunities to accelerate learning and hone specific skills through programs, such as Spotlight on Speech, Geography Bee, National Spelling Bee, Book It Reading, Junior Achievement and Math Olympiad.

Interscholastic Athletics begin in sixth grade. Students can join the 6th-8th grade athletic teams where they build skills in teamwork, self-motivation, and positive attitude.